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Name of Project:         Boa                        

Yarn Used In Project:            1 Skein of Lion Brand Chenille
                                                “Thick & Quick”

                                                 and a light weight base yarn

Stitch Size(s) Used:              To match your base yarn

Knitting Machine:                  Artisan 70 D Mid Gauge   

Gauge:                                   Not Necessary



Note:   Any machine with a Ribber Attached can be used for this project


1.      Crochet cast-on over 5 needles on main bed using a light weight base yarn that comes close to matching your “weaving yarn” in color.



2.      Weave Chenille over the first needle on the right.  Hook around a gate peg on the ribber bed.  Bring the yarn back up and weave over the middle needle.  Back down to the gate peg on the ribber bed.  Up and over the end needle on the left.




3.      ENGAGE Weaving Brushes and knit from right to left with lightweight base yarn.


4.      With carriage on the left bring the second and forth needles to “D” position (all the way forward) and weave the chenille yarn over these needles in the same manner as you did in step 2.  Knit right to left with lightweight base yarn.


5.      Repeat the process.  Your set-up will be such that when your carriage is on the right you will be weaving over needles 1. 3, and 5.  When your carriage is on the left you will be weaving over needles 2 and 4.


6.      One skein of Thick & Quick will make a boa.


7.      When you run out of weaving yarn, bind off leaving a very long tail. (40” to 50”)


8.      With the tail of the yarn catch the edge stitches and pull the work together.  In the picture contrast yarn was used for illustration purposes only.



9.      Work in your yarn tails.  You will have formed a tube by sewing the edges together.  This works great to hide the tails.



I found that I could work with the Chenille by pulling the yarn from the middle of the skein.  I place the skein in a tall container to keep it from running way or being carried off by the cats.


Try other fun yarns.  Use the technique to make collars and cuffs or a fun trim for the front of a garment.





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