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Name of Project:        Square Toe Plated Slipper                   
Yarn Used in Project:  Texas Chunky & Serger Thread
Stitch Size:                7
Knitting Machine:        Artisan 70D (Mid-Gauge)
Gauge:                      6 Stitches per inch x 8 Rows per inch

Weaving Cast-On using Waste Yarn (WY) and Ravel Cord (RC)
Bring needles 28 L -0- 28 R into working position. (56 total needles)
Bring every-other-needle to "D" position.
Engage your 'weaving brushes".
Knit a few rows then disengage your weaving brushes.
Continue to knit an odd number of rows (9 or 11) and end with
Carriage on the Left
Remove WY from the feeder.
Load RC and knit one row from Left to Right.

Slipper Body
With carriage on the right, lad the plating thread (serger thread) into the main yarn feeder and the purl side yarn (slipper yarn - Texas Chunky) into the plating yarn feeder.  Make sure that the plating yarn passes behind the main yarn as it comes from the tension mast.
Leave a 15-inch tail of yarn.  You will use this to graft the heel seam and gather up the sole to shape the heal stitches.
Knit 80 rows for a slipper that measures 10".  If you need a shorter or longer slipper - add or subtract rows.
End with Carriage on the Right
Leave a long tail - 36".  You will use this tail to bind off the toe.
With work still on the machine, take stitches 10 Left and 10 Right off onto stitch holders or safety pins. 
Put Needles 10 Left and 10 Right in "A" position.  OUT- OF- WORK

Working Toe Stitches
Bring needles Left 29 to Right 9 into "E" position (Holding)
Be sure to set the main bed carriage to Hold (R= and L=)
With needles Right 11 to Right 28 still in working position, knit several rows with contrast yarn (WY) Then remove the stitches and return the needles to "A" position.
Bring needles Left 9 and Right 9 into working position and remove them onto WY
For the last section of the toe stitches, needles Left 28 to Right 11, you can leave in the "E" position.  REMEMBER to set the machine for stockinet (R- and L-).  Remove onto WY, just like the other sections.

Once the slipper body is off the machine you will want to drop stitch Left 10 and latch up to create a stockinet stitch on the purl side.  Do the same for stitch Right 10.  Place the stitches back onto the stitch holder or safety pin.  This creates the fold ridge for your slipper.

Binding Off the Toe
Re-hang the center 18 stitches back onto the machine. 
Place the stitches in the hooks.  Knit side facing you.

Take stitches Left 10 and Right 10 and hang them on the respective end stitches.  Remove the WY after you have hung each section in the hooks of the needles.

Here is where it gets a little tricky.  You want to hang each remaining 18 stitches on the center 18 stitches, in the hooks.  One slipper you will hang the right set of open stitches first followed by the left open stitches.  The other slipper you will want to hang the left set of open stitches followed by the right set of open stitches.  When all is said and done, you will have four (4) stitches on each END needle and three (3) stitches on all the other needles.


When you hang the left open stitches first, you will have to remember to pull the yarn tail out and over to the right so that it is available to use in the bind off process.  When you hang the left open stitches last, the yarn tail is 'right' where you need it.

With Yarn Tail and Latch Tool, bind off through ALL stitches on EACH NEEDLE.  Hide your yarn tail in the toe join.

Graft the open stitches from the cast on edge.  You will start with the first and last stitch working towards the two ridges formed by latching up Needles L10 and R10.  When you get to the center 18 stitches, pull your yarn tail so you are sewing through the open stitches with a "double strand" of yarn.  Pull and gather up these 18 heel/sole stitches.  Secure these stitches by taking a couple of stitches back and forth.  Hide your yarn tail.

Make a pom-pom and stitch through both layers of the top of the slipper.  I placed my pom-poms about 3 inches from the toe edge.  This is personal preference.

Take this basic design and go SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE.  Add rows or subtract rows.  To make the slipper narrower, remember to remove stitches in multiples of three - since there are three sections that have to come together in the end.


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